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Being the Bad Boy’s Victim

“Babe, you might want to close your mouth… unless you’re offering something, if you know what I mean…”

For Bellatrix Brown, going back to America was like eating an entire bowl of broccoli—absolutely revolting. Returning to that country meant leaving the people she cared about in London.
Connor Michaels, the devilishly handsome bad boy of the school, never really cared about anything, especially not about girls. His usual game: use them then lose them…that is, until he came upon a stunning British belle.

The day Bella and Connor’s paths crossed, seats were overturned, hot spaghetti was spilled, and sexual innuendos were flung around like confetti. But the more Connor tortured Bella, the more he found himself inexplicably drawn to her, and the more he began to behave amusingly unlike himself.

Will Bella continue to be the bad boy’s victim? Or will she be able to do what no other girl has ever done before—catch his heart?

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